One of the main disturbances to comfort en energy consumption in today’s buildings are the lack of smart automation.

Most fresh air systems, air purification systems, lighting and even HVAC systems are not environment aware, and therefore they fail to operate properly, causing comfort disturbances and wasting energy unnecessarily.

The first step towards automation, comfort and efficiency is making a system that is aware of the environment and can adapt to it, providing total comfort without wasting any energy.

The CleanAir Spaces Automation platform and technology architecture helps you control all your devices to make them work as one ecosystem, perfectly synchronized.


In most buildings, fresh air systems are completely unaware of the environment, Indoor CO2 levels, external PM2.5 levels, humidity and temperature are not taken into account. Most systems are turned on and off manually at agreed times through human intervention.

Automating fresh air systems will help us make pre-configured real time smart decisions according to the above parameters, being able to control based on our preferences when the fresh air system will be on and the exact amount of air volume needed.

We have experienced savings of up to 80% in energy and a severe improvement in air quality and comfort derived from fresh air system automation:


  • Savings in air conditioning needs
  • Reduction in energy consumption by fresh air system
  • Reduction in water consumption by de/humidification units
  • Improved air quality levels by reduction of external conditions impact
  • Improvement in presurization of buildings


We can help you achieve these savings with little investment and an ROI in months!


Most Air Purification systems are also turned on and off manually, or they have a simple PM2.5 sensor embedded in the equipment or somewhere in a wall, far away from the place people are.

We layout a sensor strategy that looks at different aspects of air quality, including PM2.5, PM10, TVOCs, formaldehyde, temperature, humidity and CO2.

Our equipment works completely independently or arranged by zones according to the needs, so you can have equipment turning on, off or modifying the air speed according to specific needs of its location, wasting zero energy and working perfectly in sync with the rest of the equipment and completely aware of internal and external conditions, everything controlled both locally and over the cloud with zero human intervention and zero energy waste.

Due to the different external conditions in different seasons of the year, we have been able to account for 70% energy savings over standard air purifiers. These savings go beyond electricity:


  • Better air quality, not only in PM2.5 but TVOC and formaldehyde
  • Reduction of unnecessary filter use
  • Reduction in maintenance
  • Longer equipment life span
  • Planned maintenance scheduling based on hours of operation
  • Reduction of noise levels
  • Better overall comfort


We can help you achieve these savings with little investment and an ROI in months!


Anybody here?

Probably the first question that we need to answer in order to understand our space and our needs.

By checking presence in real time and lowering AC and lighting needs in empty meeting rooms or empty hotel rooms or empty corridors in factories, we are being able to save large amount of energy that was before being wasted, all this without sacrificing an inch of comfort.

It also helps us make our customers aware of what people use most, being able to make educated decisions about how to adapt their spaces to maximize end user experience.

We not only save you money, we provide additional valuable data for you. Data that you can act on.

In a test in a hotel room, we checked energy consumption during the day, many guests left their key in the electrical switch while they were not in the room, generating huge energy consumption, by placing sensors and reducing (not stopping) AC needs we were able to save over 30% HVAC related consumption for that room.


With HVAC being the main energy consumer, 30% energy reduction means millions over the life of the HVAC equipment, all this by retrofitting equipment with an ROI of less than 2 months!


We can help you achieve these savings with little investment and an ROI in months!


In order to make everything work, we need to have the proper sensors in place, reliable sensors that can constantly feed information. Technology is critical to achieve efficiency. Planes have thousands of sensors dedicated to comfort, as sensors become more affordable and reliable, facilities can achieve major savings by the use of intelligent technology.


End user engagement has been a failing point for most facilities, the right technology and information allows feedback from the end user while maintaining optimal comfort.

Keeping end users informed is the key to the success of any comfort based project. It generates loyalty and engagement while improving overall sense of ownership.


Monitoring and feedback solutmolecules are available to users through full functioning APPs and web interfaces.


A series of certifications guarantee our technology. Making sure it can be used anywhere in the world according to the most strict quality assurance and control processes.