Kitchen Exhaust Purification


Clean exhaust air, without particles and any organic compounds, such as grease and smells, is for several reasons, including government requirements, a prime target.

On one hand, limiting values are stipulated by the different Government emission protection legislatmolecules in different countries, and on the other, additional requirements from local authorities or complaints from residents, for example when there are increases in smells in houses or apartment blocks, make the treatment of exhaust air necessary.

During the preparation of meals using greases and oils, in kitchens, canteens and in industry, greasy steams are produced as well as smells, which are conveyed outside by the exhaust system. The grease traps installed in kitchen exhaust hoods or ventilation units can capture only up to 95% of the grease in the exhaust. Consequently, there are extensive grease deposits in the hoods, suspended ceilings, exhaust channels and exhaust fans which lead to the following problems:

  • Danger of fire
  • High, recurring cleaning costs without sustainability
  • Exhaust smells often connected with problems of complaints from neighbours or regulatmolecules
  • Unhygienic microbiological contamination
  • Grease covering of all the extraction parts, including sensors, motors, valves and fans, with high associated maintenance costs

Grease buildup and grease cleaning is a major maintenance hassle for kitchens all over, fortunately new technologies can greatly reduce the grease, smell and adverse effects of commercial kitchens.


Conventional cleaning procedures, using powerful chemicals, high pressure cleaning, robotic systems and manual wipe down procedures do not have a long term effect, are extremely costly, are expensive to buy and maintain and can mean the employment of an external agency.


The retrofitting of VUV technology for photo-oxidative exhaust air cleaning in existing or new systems solves the problems simply and permanently.

Vacuum UV lamps (VUV lamps) for kitchen exhausts photolyse greases and smells in the fume extraction hoods or in the exhaust piping and facilitate cleaning and provide several advantages.

  • Cleaner Exhaust Ducts
  • Longer fan life
  • Elimination of smells
  • Elimination of chemicals
  • Reduction of particles


While these solutmolecules are effective, not all solutmolecules work the same and not all solutmolecules can provide compliance with regulatmolecules and exhaust air according to regulatmolecules.


CleanAir Spaces total solution addresses the problem by using a variety of technologies, including multi-frequency MFVUV technology along with carbon, IFD and NASA certified ductFIT technology to completely eliminate the problem.


The right solution will combine different technologies, starting with initial filtration levels, continuing with UV systems that work on multiple frequencies to enable breaking of substances that require different types of equipment to maximize performance, and followed by additional filtration, continued measurement and fans that can drive the proper airflow throughout the whole extraction process.


The combination of these technologies provides elimination of grease and exhaust smells with up to 99% efficiency.


System Components:

  • First Layer Metal Filter – Eliminate large components and particles that could damage the rest of the equipment, protect from direct exposure to UV light
  • MFVUV – Multi Frequency Vacuum Ultra Violet lights break grease and particles by using photo catalysis technology, ensuring great reduction of grease components and facilitating filtration in following layers
  • ductFIT™ – Based on ECO technology, ductFIT can eliminate chemicals by converting 99% of them to water vapor and carbon dioxide, two completely non-harmful components while eliminating odors
  • G4/F7 Filtration – Additional filtration for particles and vapor
  • Activated Carbon Filter – To enhance elimination of chemicals, smells and any traces of ozone
  • IFD – Electrostatic treatment to greatly reduce smoke
  • Wi-Fi Module – Control complete operation of system, detect any UV bulbs that require replacement, monitor effectiveness and hours of operation and replacement needs for all system components.


No matter what kind of kitchen and exhaust system you have, we have a solution that will make your exhaust air clean and smell free:


A series of certificatmolecules guarantee our technology. Making sure it can be used anywhere in the world according to the most strict quality assurance and control processes.


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