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Air purification, HVAC and lighting automation to improve comfort, workplace wellness, sustainability, air quality and energy efficiency. Solutions for workplace, schools, hotels, shopping centers, etc.
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Old facilities using incandescent or halogen lights are literally throwing money down the drain.

Just to understand correctly, changing incandescent light bulbs to LEDs will directly save you 75% on your energy bill. And most of these savings will be returned in less than a year. Still not calling us?

However not all LEDs are the same, and savings can be much higher than 75%. Proper LED lighting and strategy can save you an additional 30-60% on the remaining expense and can make your LED bulbs last much longer, all this while improving comfort.


The following table shows the clear savings you will obtain just by changing lights, not only that, your new lightbulbs will last up to 5 times longer, drastically reducing your total cost of ownership.


While changing lamps should be first on the list, doing it right is the most important, not all LEDs are equal and not all of them can provide you additional functionality.

The combination of LEDs, presence control and a smart strategy and control can help you reduce your energy consumption even further, by making sure you start saving money the second you don’t need to spend it.

Understanding presence through sensor technology and strategy in combination with dimmable LED lighting allows us to further save energy consumption, maximize lamp life and still maintain perfect comfort levels while taking care of our environment.

Contact us to find out how you can also take advantage of huge savings!


Our smart technology helps us save energy by turning off or slowing down equipment that is not needed while maintaining perfect air quality. No more turning equipment on in the morning and off at night… Actually, no more doing anything manually, our comfort management system does it all for you while you concentrate on your business.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and provide the solution you need. Call us now for a free consultation!