Cummins Beijing- New Office Air Quality Assurance

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Cummins Beijing moved 4 floors to a new location, according to the company’s highest standards of employee satisfaction and knowing that all construction works, no matter how good the materials are have some level of chemical off gassing, Cummins wanted to make sure air quality was perfect in the office before moving in.

They contacted CleanAir as the leader in air quality remediation and we provided a complete process that spanned from before construction until a couple months after space utilization.



All construction work uses paints, wood, glues and silicones, garnishes, etc. Even though Cummins used best in class construction materials, no matter how good these materials are, there will always be some level of off-gassing, releasing into the air toxic substances like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, etc. All these chemicals, called TVOCs have specific regulatmolecules that we have to measure against to make sure a space can be used by people.

In order to make sure that by move-in date everything would be 100% perfect, we designed a project, in parallel with the construction team that would eliminate all toxics during the construction phase and would continue eliminating the remaining toxics after construction was done and prior to employee move-in. After employees moved in, we still continued to have some equipment inside to make sure any remaining off-gassing would be eliminated by the equipment.



From day 1, we made several rounds of testing and shared with complete transparency the results and process with management and Cummins employees, making sure everyone was aware of the results of the project. During the construction, management was able to see in real time and through the results of laboratory tests what the outcome of the process was and employees continue to see in a big screen and on their mobile phone through APP what the air quality is like at all times, creating a happy, more company-engaged work force.