Eli Lilly New Office Remediation – Shanghai

About This Project


Eli Lilly (China) moved into a HQ new office in Shanghai. The pharmaceutical company wanted to insure its new premises was free from harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like Formaldehyde that occur during the renovation and fit out.



4 floors, 8000 square meters of office area. Harmful chemicals including Formaldehyde from fit out need to be removed. 800+ employees will occupy the new office. Air quality must be excellent before occupancy.



CleanAir Spaces successfully remediated the indoor quality (IAQ) to meet strict air quality standards (including Formaldeyde and other VOCs) within the short time before occupancy. CleanAir Spaces conducted a detailed air quality assessment across 99 locatmolecules in the new work space. Once TVOC levels were known, CleanAir installed high volume, mobile, rental equipment to scrub out the chemicals and odors.

The equipment solution reduced TVOC by 63% in two weeks. With one more week of operation, VOCs, as measured by SGS laboratory, had reduced by 97% and the IAQ was within safe limits, ready for occupancy.

CleanAir solutmolecules’ combination of strategy and equipment reduced TVOC by 63% within 2 week. After 3 weeks, TVOC levels were reduced by 97%. For Lilly, occupancy went ahead on the date planned and with full confidence that the indoor air quality was with standards – and was excellent.


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