Prime Cargo – Automation, Air and Energy Efficiency

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About This Project


Prime Cargo has a small office in Shanghai from which they run their China operatmolecules. Knowing Shanghai’s pollution, they wanted a smart but still inexpensive system that could help them keep a happy workforce by working in a healthy environment. CleanAir spaces proposed a completely automated solution, being able to leverage the equipment we use to save energy in large buildings in a small scale to ensure the same functionality and energy savings in a small environment.



Scaling automation between very large and very small customers and keeping price at an acceptable range for all is a challenge, but it is definitely a solved challenge. We provide small offices like Prime Cargo with state-of-the-art comfort management system and automation, scaled down in price but not in functionality.



Now Prime Cargo has perfectly good air quality, at a fraction of the cost, completely automated which means they are saving daily on unnecessary energy consumption other systems out there would be using. Actually in Prime Cargo we are saving up to 82% monthly air purification related energy cost.

In the meantime, all your packages are arriving safely at their destination since you have happy employees worrying about your logistics issues, not about their health. We got that covered!