Jiushi – Automation, Air and Energy Efficiency

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Shanghai North bund area is getting completely redone and upgraded, in the next couple years there will be a major change. Jiushi is the real estate company in charge of the project. In order to supervise the complete project, they moved the management team from their building in the east bund to a high floor in the construction area to supervise the complete process and have a location right on the spot.

Jiushi wanted to have an office up and ready in less than a month, redoing the indoor completely and making sure it was up to the highest standards since it was going to be a hub with frequent visits from customers and government officials



All construction had to be done in less than one month, Jiushi needed to design the new office, do all the construction work and make sure they had highest standards of air quality with automation and energy efficiency.



We devised a solution that was installed in 3 days, just after AC was ready, locating our high performance equipment in the available spaces in the ceiling and using soft pipes to integrate the air purification solution into the AC vents.

We used completely automated wireless network to control all equipment and savings results are clear. In the winter months where pollution is highest we are saving approximately 50% over a conventional system and keeping a 98.7% compliance rate with PM levels below the target established at 12.

Kudos to the team to a perfectly executed project!