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TR Office in Taipei had employees worried about workplace wellness, they wanted to make sure the office was safe to work in as they moved into a new building with a recent construction.

They needed a company with the experience to certify the office was safe and the building and building surroundings (with some adjacent construction) was not affecting negatively.



Worried employees are always a main concern, it is demonstrated that if  your workforce is worried about the workplace, performance will drastically drop, you might be a target of bad press and in some cases even strikes or employees not willing to work. In this case the company wanted to get ahead and make sure that everyone felt safe, and needed external experience to carry the necessary tests and communication to management and employees with the necessary data to demonstrate the office was a safe place to spend at least 8 hours a day in.



After several rounds of testing, analysis and a review of all systems (Air conditioning, fresh air systems, filtration systems, air leaks, etc) information sessmolecules with the landlord, understanding of construction sites within the building and possible impact, understanding of building and surroundings, we provided a comprehensive report and communication session to employees and management, demonstrating the building and the office in particular were safe to work in and helping property management modify their cleaning schedules and products to reduce impact of chemicals used in cleaning products on employees.

After the session, all employees happily continued working in the office, this time with data support.